Weengushk Film Institute

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Here at Weengushk Film Institute we dont teach ONLY filmmaking

We teach self sustainability though art

What We Do

You will receive the skills here to not only succeed in your trade but in your life as well. You will receive the skill set to not be a great employee but a great employer. Becoming a skilled professional doesn't only mean learning a craft and trade, it also means learning the essential life skills needed not only to succeed but to thrive in this ever-expanding market that is media production.

Each year our participants are given the security and safety to learn, take risks and make mistakes as we build up their industry skills, practical skills and life skills. It is in this environment that we are able to deliver our intense hands-on-training taught by industry professionals as they mentor and guide our youth into becoming successful.

Since the launch of our programming in 2007 we have seen a constant growth in our programming demands, with this year being no exception. We have 80% of our graduates that have made life changing choices and are working in the film industry.

In October 2012 we opened our doors to youth with physical disabilities proving that with a little creativity and some hard work there is no limitations to the dreams you want to follow.


class2013_camCameron Courtoreille
class2013_perPierre Toulouse
class2013_joshJoshua Mark Yesno


Location Support and Data Management Packages are ready to go.


Recent Opportunities


Professional Grade Equipment

It is important to learn using the tools that are in the industry today so we put those tools in your hands.

Unlimited Access

As a participant you have unlimited use and access to all WFI equipment and facilities from the start.

24-7 help

Our staff is available to you and your project 24 hrs a day and 7 days a week.