Weengushk Film Institute

About Us

Weengushk Film Institute (WFI) is a not-for-profit artist-focused, film and television-training centre, dedicated to unlocking the creative potential while developing market leading skills and experiences to its participants, WFI provides significant value by creating a mentorship network between participants engaged in learning and senior media industry professionals. This approach fosters skills development through film and training and also creates access points to key decision makers from different areas of the industry.
Weengushk’s goal is to train, develop, guide and mentor young emerging artists to develop their creative skills and attain a level of professionalism that promotes self-sustainability in a competitive market.

At Weengushk Film Institute we teach skills to not only succeed in your trade but in your life as well.

Becoming a skilled professional doesn’t only mean learning a craft and trade, it also means learning the essential life skills needed not only to succeed but to thrive in this ever-expanding market that is media production.

We are a non-profit training centre and are asking for your support in our mandate to teach the skills nessary to succed in this ever changing world.

Our participants come from all walks of life and have very different skils sets.


I came to Weengushk to learn about the essentials of filmmaking and that’s what I’m learning. The hands on experience is great and it wasn’t long before I had a camera in my hand and learning the trade. Since I started here I have gained confidence in myself and I fully expect to become an avid filmmaker. I’m excited and lucky, not everyone gets to do something that they are passionate about.

Pierre Toulouse

Weengushk Film Institute has helped me turn my life around. I have gained so much experience and made so many new friends and set out to a whole new life.

Joshua Mark Yesno

Now that I am in my thirties this program at the Weengushk Film Institute is exactly what I needed. I wanted a program where it was more hands on with a small class setting to allow for more one on one instruction.

Cameron Courtoreille

Each year our participants are given the security and safety to learn, take risks and make mistakes as we build up their industry skills, practical skills and life skills. It is in this environment that we are able to deliver our intense hands-on-training taught by industry professionals and they mentor and guide our youth into filmmakers.

Since the launch of our programming in 2007 we have seen a constant growth in our programming demands, with this year being no exception. We have 80% of our graduates that have made life changing choices and are working in the film industry.

In October 2012 we opened our doors to youth with physical disabilities proving that with a little creativity and some hard work there is no limitations to the dreams you want to follow.